BLOCKS Integrations

BLOCKS was built as an infrastructure layer for simple blockchain products that can be customized by consumers, corporations, and governments. Below are just some of the ways to build your own products and applications on BLOCKS.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

A DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. BLOCKS DAO utilizes the BLOCKS token to gain access to the tokenized community and to govern itself by voting on proposals. In the voting system, 1 BLOCKS token is equal to 1 vote. (See BLOCKS DAO Operating Agreement and Anti-Whale Voting Strategy for more information)

Mobile Wallets

BLOCKS are used as a hybrid token inside Mobile wallets that can deliver encrypted transactions between people or entities.

Verifiable Registry Credentials

BLOCKS has developed the BLOCKS Registry to provide an immutable blockchain record of physical and digital transactions. By securely adding data about individuals’ identities to the blockchain, companies can create secure and decentralized digital identity systems that can be used for verification and authentication.

Merchandise Verification

Verified by BLOCKS is a program used to combat fraud and forgery by verifying items such as physical objects, social media profiles, data, and NFTs on blockchain. This helps combat the prolific use of bots to falsify reviews, social media profiles, and fake merchandise.

Tokenized Commerce

BLOCKS can power tokenized Web3 Commerce landing pages to deliver improved methods of trading, tracking and paying between people via digital wallets. This would allow customized experiences for Artists to have official information released as well as better interactions with their customers and fan base.

Land and Title Assurance

The BLOCKS token, paired with the BLOCKS Registry can utilize blockchain technology to securely add data about property ownership and transactions. Companies that utilize this method can create more efficient and transparent real estate systems that can help reduce fraud and increase trust among buyers and sellers.


BLOCKS is working with consumer products partners to develop verified Metaverse environments, including avatars, product tokenization, NFTs and much more.

Digital Catalogues, NFTs and Tickets Module

BLOCKS Builders modules can help industries such as arts, music, sports, entertainment and ticketing to migrate analog catalogues into registered, digital formats that empower creators and consumers.