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Introducing the BLOCKS DAO LLC

BLOCKS is the first-ever legally registered Wyoming DAO LLC.

BLOCKS DAO LLC aims to migrate traditional industries onto the blockchain. Through a blend of blockchain and non-blockchain partnerships, BLOCKS intends to grow the utility of its digital asset to become a unit of measure for Blockchain.

BLOCKS powers world-class blockchain solutions for companies. These partnerships and solutions are powered by the BLOCKS DAO and in turn drive additional utility of the BLOCKS token.

First Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) LLC

BLOCKS is proud to work closely with Wyoming legislatures to build the first legally registered DAO LLC in the world. 

Being a legally registered DAO is a landmark step towards what BLOCKS believes to be the future of business operations and mirrors their continued commitment to decentralization and the core tenants of transparency and accountability in corporate governance and operations.

BLOCKS will pave the way for DAOs across the world as a model of compliance and accountability.

The Goals of the BLOCKS DAO

  • Echoing the ethos of blockchain technology, the DAO structure of BLOCKS is the perfect way to onboard and scale a broad variety of industries with secure and stable blockchain solutions. 
  • The BLOCKS three-year progressive decentralization plan allows for a strategic migration to the full DAO structure and allows the BLOCKS token, infrastructure, and governance to become established throughout the migration process.
Industry Agnostic
  • Focused on the principal notion that blockchain can make things better regardless of industry.  
  • BLOCKS help all industries find solutions on the blockchain regardless of what chain those solutions are found on.
  • BLOCKS is blockchain and industry agnostic.

Standard Unit of Measure

Simplifying blockchain and creating a unit of measure ("BLOCKS") that the average consumer, government, or enterprise can use to migrate their activities onto the blockchain. 

BLOCKS will become the benchmark for how companies interact with and integrate blockchain into their business.

Making things easier with BLOCKS

The problems with integrating blockchain into enterprise-level companies:

  • Blockchain solutions are rarely both quick to implement and customizable, leaving companies with a long complicate path to implement a solution
  • Blockchain is secure, but it’s also transparent. Putting the right information on-chain and balancing off-chain and on-chain solutions is key.
  • Solutions need to adapt to the changing needs of an organization and grow with a company. Don’t build something that you will grow out of.

All these problems can be solved with BLOCKS.

  • Move fast. BLOCKS is a cross-chain routing application for payments
  • Save at scale with BLOCKS. Low and no-fee transactions (trade, transfer, pay)
  • Stay Secure. BLOCKS is an improved, global asset tokenization standard.
  • Adopt with Ease. BLOCKS is easy for consumers and enterprise

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