Blocks is proud to announce the addition of another organization to the “Builder Program”.  Revest Protocol has partnered with BLOCKS to explore the implementation of several Blocks Modules into their NFT verification technology regarding their platform development.  The robust Modules already created at BLOCKS for the exact use case fit seamlessly for an engaging partnership that will continue to change the game in the NFT space.

Revest will be exploring the potential for utilizing BLOCKS in developing novel on-chain storage solutions designed to reduce the gas costs of storing data on-chain. Revest will be doing so intending to incorporate the data storage capabilities of BLOCKS into Revest's planned investment suite of tools. The technology that BLOCKS is pioneering offers DeFi systems a novel way of compressing data and Revest is excited to explore this technology and its potential for cutting down on transactional costs and reducing barriers to the adoption of DeFi. 

BLOCKS has already begun using Revest technology to lock presale tokens in FNFTs, financial nonfungible tokens. 

About Revest:

The Revest Protocol pioneers a revolutionary new use of NFTs as financial tools through the Financial Non-Fungible Token (FNFT). Individual and project level users can deposit any ERC20 into Revest's interactive FNFTs and set custom unlocking conditions (time, value, or contract-based). Revest aims to allow the tokenization of all non-fungible financial positions in DeFi with non-fungible tokens, with applications ranging from something as simple as token vesting to truly game-changing implications for derivative and borrowing/lending platforms.


BLOCKS is paving the way for DAOs as the first-ever legally registered Wyoming DAO, LLC. BLOCKS is committed to connecting industries and enterprise-grade technologies to blockchain, with an industry and blockchain agnostic approach. The BLOCKS Token is at the heart of the BLOCKS DAO and Builder Program, stewarding everything from on-chain governance to enterprise transactions in our BLOCKS Builders' partnerships. The foundation of BLOCKS is the goal to connect the world, regardless of industry application, through decentralization; at BLOCKS, Decentralization Connects Us All.


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