DeltaFlare Pink Ladies NFTs Verified by BLOCKS

A new first of its kind for BLOCKS DAO: The Pink Ladies DeltaFlare NFT collection has been verified by BLOCKS. This provides the NFTs with a layer of authenticity that assures the project and purchasers of the NFT that they own a legitimate item from the collection. The verified by BLOCKS status can be viewed on our partner Humbl’s site under the NFT search section.

What are the Pink Ladies?

Originally minted back in March of 2022, the Pink Ladies’ 818 NFT collection supports Ovarian Cancer awareness. The project has partnered up with the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance to make a difference with 100% of the royalties from the NFTs sent to support their mission.

Fellow community members of BLOCKS were involved with the project early on, harboring a solid base interest that has now benefitted both communities.

About DeltaFlare:

The DeltaFlare NFTs are collections of digital artworks running on the Ethereum network. DeltaFlare grants their NFT holders a worldwide, royalty-free license to use, copy, and display the purchased art. DeltaFlare delivers much more than an NFT, token (HONR), P2E game, or metaverse; they provide a comprehensive experience. Every Deltian is a member of their family.


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