BizSecure Joins BLOCKS Builder Program to bring Government Partnerships and Digital Identity Verification onto BLOCKS

BLOCKS is proud to announce the latest member of our BLOCKS Builder program, self-sovereign identity, and digital verifiable credential experts, BizSecure

The Vision For BLOCKS & BizSecure

BizSecure will be exploring implementing verifiable credentials within the DAO to improve transportable, encrypted, and highly confidential identity verification to members of the DAO.  This will ultimately improve the security and trust factor of the DAO as BLOCKS enters into additional industry partnerships like government, financial services, and more.

The BizSecure core product, BizSecure IDS (Immutable Data Solutions) will be powered by BLOCKS, enabling public and private blockchain solutions based in on Hyperledger.  Leveraging public and private networks BLOCKS will develop into the Hyperledger fabric to power blockchain agnostic solutions using Verifiable Credentials or Smart Contracts.

Joining Forces: BLOCKS, BizSecure, and The United States Government

Currently, the BizSecure IDS powered by BLOCKS is actively being proposed to the United States Air Force and the Defense Information  Systems  Agency “DISA” to empower powerful decentralized, scalable, and immutable data solutions.

These robust blockchain agnostic solutions will drive a new wave of adoption for the BLOCKS Hyperledger fabric powered by BLOCKS builder Modules. These cross-chain solutions backed by secure credentials have the power to change the way data is validated. 

About BizSecure:

BizSecure creates Immutable Data Services (IDS) platform that empowers Governments and organizations around the world to build and verify trusted digital relationships.

The BizSecure vision is a world where digital barriers of trust and privacy no longer exist; instead, a user’s right to privacy, security, and autonomy are built consciously into our governments, corporations, and social systems. With BizSecure IDS you can easily create an immutable digital representation of any physical asset for everyday proof.  


BLOCKS is paving the way for DAOs as the first-ever legally registered Wyoming DAO, LLC. BLOCKS is committed to connecting industries and enterprise-grade technologies to blockchain, with an industry and blockchain agnostic approach. The BLOCKS Token is at the heart of the BLOCKS DAO and Builder Program, stewarding everything from on-chain governance to enterprise transactions in our BLOCKS Builders' partnerships. The foundation of BLOCKS is the goal to connect the world, regardless of industry application, through decentralization; at BLOCKS, Decentralization Connects Us All.


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