Introducing Blocks

Welcome to BLOCKS, the first-ever legally registered Wyoming DAO LLC.  

Establishing the First DAO LLC

BLOCKS is proud to work closely with Wyoming legislatures to build the first legally registered DAO LLC in the world.  Being a legally registered DAO is a landmark step towards what we at BLOCKS believe to be the future of business operations and mirrors our continued commitment to decentralization and the core tenants of transparency and accountability in corporate governance and operations.

The BLOCKS DAO is a beacon of the future, and, as we embark on our journey of progressive decentralisation, BLOCKS will pave the way for DAOs across the world as a model of compliance and accountability.

The Importance of the BLOCKS Token

At the core of the BLOCKS DAO is the BLOCKS token. Operating everything from our tokenized community and voting to our Builders Program and the blockchain solutions we build therein. The BLOCKS token is a critical component of the BLOCKS ecosystem and powers the entire organization. Read more about our tokenized and the diverse use cases for the BLOCKS token here.

Learn more about the blocks Tokenized Community and some of the Partnerships being powered by the BLOCKS token in our upcoming blog articles and in our social channels. 

The Goals of the BLOCKS DAO


Echoing the ethos of blockchain technology, the DAO structure of BLOCKS is the perfect way to onboard and scale a broad variety of industries with secure and stable blockchain solutions.  The BLOCKS progressive decentralization plan allows for a strategic migration to the full DAO structure and allows the BLOCKS token, infrastructure, and governance to become established throughout the migration process.

Industry Agnostic

Focused on the principal notion that blockchain can make things better regardless of industry.  

We help all industries find solutions on the blockchain regardless of what chain those solutions are found on. 

BLOCKS is blockchain and industry agnostic.  

Standard Unit of Measure

Simplifying blockchain and creating a unit of measure ("BLOCKS") that the average consumer, government or enterprise can use to migrate their activities onto blockchain. 

BLOCKS will become the benchmark for how companies interact with and integrate blockchain into their business.

Getting Involved with BLOCKS

Whether you are a prospective client looking to engage with the Builders Program or a prospective token holder interested in participating in the BLOCKS DAO, there are many ways you can join us on our journey.

Join the BLOCKS Tokenized Community

Become a part of the conversation with exclusive updates about our partnerships, progress, and roadmap as we advance down the path of progressive decentralization. Join in the process of vetting proposals about future companies in the BLOCKS Builders program, and engage with the management team in community AMAs (Ask Me Anything). 

Looking to get a head start on joining the BLOCKS tokenized community, join our discord server today and get involved in the conversation.

Become a BLOCKS Builder

Looking to migrate your company on blockchain? Join our industry agnostic network of enterprise corporations and businesses who are using BLOCKS to migrate their systems to blockchain and build cross-category solutions for their companies. Reach out about the Builders program today and Build Better with BLOCKS. 

Join Us as we embark on our mission to bring enterprise and industry onto blockchain technology, with the BLOCKS DAO powered by the BLOCKS Token. 

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