Migrate Traditional Industries onto the Blockchain

Through a blend of blockchain and non-blockchain partnerships, BLOCKS as a digital asset will be a core unit of measure for blockchain.

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BLOCKS Will Take Antiquated Systems Into The Future

BLOCKS is blockchain agnostic and can integrate existing applications into blockchain technology to help modernize business and industry.


Strength in decentralization. As one of the world’s first DAO LLCs, decentralization is at the core of BLOCKS utility. It streamlines operations and allows for the efficiency that our industry and enterprise partners value most.


Improving our world through blockchain innovation. BLOCKS token utility will continue to scale through leveraging open-source applications which can be built upon by market participants around the globe.

Blockchain Agnostic

Powering blockchain solutions through an agnostic approach. BLOCKS can power a blockchain solution that is best for you and your business. Our blockchain agnostic approach to industry solutions fuels empowerment, flexibility and simplifies the enterprise adoption of blockchain technology.

The Blockchain Migration

BLOCKS was formed on the knowledge that the world’s most important economic initiatives over the next decade can and will be addressed through blockchain. Blockchain technology will connect the world in a manner and scale never before experienced in human history. It will drive the need for cooperation on reduction of fees and costs for consumers, increased transparency in government, and drive fewer layers of intermediaries.

Novel Asset Connectivity

BLOCKS connects tokenized assets in novel ways. The BLOCKS token is a Reactive Smart Contract (RaC). Additional RaCs can optionally participate within the BLOCKS Network as Operators allowing for improved automation.


Case Studies

BLOCKS is an openly available and decentralized blockchain technology that anyone in the BLOCKS DAO or our BLOCKS Builder partners can leverage and build upon to bring immense value. BLOCKS use cases are extremely versatile spanning personal and commercial industry.

Verified by BLOCKS (VbB) can be used for physical art, trading cards, sports merchandise, memorabilia, fashion, NFT collections and more.

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