Case Studies

BLOCKS is an openly available, decentralized blockchain technology that anyone in the BLOCKS DAO or our BLOCKS Builder partners can build on for personal or commercialized use cases in ways that benefit society and each other.

Here are some Case Studies of how the BLOCKS ecosystem is already being used by consumers,
brands and developers around the world.

What will you build on BLOCKS?

Verified by BLOCKS (VbB) can be used for physical art, trading cards, sports merchandise, memorabilia, fashion, NFT collections and more.

Verified by BLOCKS (VbB) allows you to trade, track and pay more safely for digital and physical items.

Reduce issues around fraud and forgery through the power of blockchain technology.


The BLOCKS Registry provides clients with a way to catalogue and track the exchange of authenticated goods and merchandise in both physical and virtual environments.

The BLOCKS Registry creates an immutable, individual listing and QR Code to help you trade, track and pay more seamlessly across digital and physical goods that have been Verified by BLOCKS.

The BLOCKS Registry can also work seamlessly with other Certificates of Authenticity for an extra level of immutable protection on the blockchain for the lifetime of the good or service.


Consumer brands, agencies, athletes, artists, entertainers, fashion labels, sports teams, universities and more can create virtual brand showrooms in the decentralized metaverse, to connect more deeply with their customers in the virtual world. Interested? BLOCKS can provide you with free referrals to design and technology studios that will help you build out your vision in the decentralized metaverse.