We Are Here To Merge Enterprises With Blockchain.

Our goal is to become blockchain agnostic and integrate existing applications into blockchain technology using BLOCKS. We welcome like-minded individuals, entities, and network participants to join in on our mission of setting the standard for a legally registered DAO LLC.


Strength in decentralization. As one of the world’s first DAO LLCs, decentralization is at the core of what BLOCKS does, this streamlines operations and allows for the efficiency that our industry and enterprise partners value most.


We believe in an organization that will better the world through Blockchain innovation. BLOCKS intends to support the building out of further token utility through open-sourced applications that can be built upon by market participants across the globe.

Blockchain Agnostic

Regardless of industry, BLOCKS can power a blockchain solution for you. Our blockchain agnostic approach to solutions fuels an industry-agnostic approach to empowering the enterprise adoption of blockchain.

Why Choose BLOCKS?

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Move Fast

Cross-chain routing applications for payments

Stay Secure

An improved, global asset tokenization standard

Save and Scale

Low and no-fee transactions (trade, transfer, pay)

Adopt with Ease

Easy for consumers and enterprise