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BLOCKS DAO, LLC aims to migrate traditional industries onto blockchain. Through a blend of blockchain and non-blockchain partnerships, BLOCKS intends to grow the utility of its digital asset to become a unit of measure for Blockchain.

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DAO Advantages


Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) are more inclusive and responsive to stakeholder input because every member has a say. That means you don’t have to know the right people or have a certain amount of skin in the game (beyond the initial required token purchase) to be included in the decision-making or benefit from the organization’s profits.


Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) structures are formulated to have maximum transparency about organizational operations with the DAO members because the members manage the organization. Through a system of on-chain governance, proposal submissions, voting, and multi-signature wallets, the entire inner workings of the organization are memorialized on the blockchain for all to see.

What is a DAO?

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Onboarding Industries onto Blockchain

BLOCKS is committed to migrating companies across all industries onto blockchain. Through our commercial and enterprise-grade partnerships, BLOCKS powers world-class blockchain solutions for companies. These partnerships and solutions are powered by the BLOCKS DAO and in turn drive additional utility of the BLOCKS token.

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